Barbouna Hotel,

Tolo, 21056, Greece

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The Hotel Barbouna is situated at the base of the Mount Barbouna from which it took its name.  A century ago, a fisherman was passing by this particular spot when, a large red mullet (barbouni) got tangled in his nets. It became a landmark for fisherman and sailors from then on.


Barbouna Hill is found very close to the historic area of Ancient Asini and Kastraki which is known to have been the port for the City of Mycenae during the Mycenean Era. From here it is believed that the ships for the area left for the Battle of Troy. In 1922 excavations of the area uncovered graves from the Helladic, Mycenaean, Geometric and Archaic periods and a Myceanaean Necropolis some of which are pictured below. Finds from the excavations can be found in the Nafplion Archaeological Museum.


      Barbouna Hotel, Tolo, Argolida, Ancient AsiniBarbouna Hotel, Tolo, Argolida,  Tombs of Ancient AsiniBarbouna Hotel, Tolo, Argolida,  Kastraki BeachBarbouna Hotel, Tolo, Argolida,  Tombs of Ancient Asini